The new video of the Russian rave group Little Big for the song Tacos has gained more than 6 million views on YouTube in three days. The video was released on Friday, August 14th. Five hours later, the video had over half a million views, and a day after the premiere it was watched more than two million times.

In addition to the main composition of the musical group - Ilya Prusikin, Sofia Tayurskaya, Anton Lissov and Sergey Makarov - actor Dmitry Krasilov starred in the video. He is also known as Pukhlyash from the group's video for the song Uno, filmed for Eurovision 2020.

In the new video, Krasilov's hero, in home clothes, is trying to warm up a sandwich. But when the microwave oven turns on, the young man begins to feel as if the food stored in the kitchen has come to life.

The revived food is depicted by the team members. Dressed in pasta underwear, pita bread pants and other "edible" costumes, they sing about dishes from different cuisines of the world. Also, the new video was not without simple and catchy dance moves that distinguish most of Little Big's videos.

Despite the solid number of views and hitting the Trending tab of the YouTube platform, the video received a lot of negative reviews. Especially some viewers are unhappy with the song: some of the audience considered it too simple and childish.

I watched the new LittleBig video. He's cool

BUT I MISS THE OLD COOL GUYS !! These songs of theirs for children's matinees got me

- hôlty (@RagnarokHati) August 14, 2020

One of the Twitter users suggested that the track was created "especially for the one-year-old son Ilyich."

Some viewers recalled that the same words were hummed by the character of the animated TV series "South Park" Eric Cartman, and that the screaming fruit that appeared in the video was invented in the late 2000s by the authors of the web series "Annoying Orange".

Many urged Little Big to remember that the audience loved them for their different music, and to return to basics.

“I understand trends, pop, hype ... but many already miss the good old LB (Dead unicorn, Life in da trash, Public enemy),” wrote one of the YouTube users.

“Ehhhh, where is my hard rave, to which it was cool to hang out? I understand everything, but I want to cry from how one of my favorite bands has slipped into something incomprehensible, ”reads another comment.

However, on the net you can find more loyal reviews for the new song of the group. Some viewers emphasized that the composition was written just for the fun of it, and suggested that in the future Little Big will still delight fans with something more worthwhile.

“Perhaps they have now done an overclocking, and then we will hear a song that will crush the whole world,” the network says.

The footage received a much higher praise. Most of the visitors noted the quality of shooting and editing, as well as the spectacular costumes of the musicians. According to viewers, watching what is happening on the screen is interesting and fun, like the plots of the previous Little Big videos. Many, however, lacked Pukhlyash's dances.

Some users, however, still believe that the musicians' videos have become monotonous, and in general, their creations give a "creative crisis".

“Ilyich played too much in potirany after SKIBIDI, all the videos as one. Monotonous, although the text with the props is different, ”they emphasize on YouTube.

"Pukhlyash was interesting once, and songs without good music are not interesting at all, think about it, costumes are not a guarantee of success, guys," writes another user of the video platform.

On May 8, Little Big's previous video for the song Hypnodancer was met with more positive reception. The video also has an order of magnitude more views: in the first two days of publication, the video was watched by more than 12 million viewers. At the moment, the video has over 107 million views.

Many watched this video after the release of the Tacos video.

"Clear. The plan was to get more views after Tacos, ”wrote one YouTube user.

“Straight to the soul. It's like a heart transplant, ”notes another.

Little Big was founded in 2013. Among her most famous songs are Faradenza, Skibidi, Go Bananas, Lolly Bomb, I'm OK and others. The creative work of the collective is distinguished by memorable motives and bright, eccentric videos, which constantly gain tens and hundreds of millions of views. The most popular videos of Little Big were Skibidi and Faradenza: they were watched 448 and 262 million times, respectively. The video for the song Uno has collected 143 million views and has become the most popular material for the entire existence of the YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest.