Expressway during the Obon vacation Half of a traffic accident, traffic congestion is greatly reduced New Corona August 18 7:21

There were 98 traffic accidents on the highway during the holidays of Koshino, nationwide, which was less than half the number of last year. It is thought that the traffic volume has decreased significantly due to the new coronavirus.

According to the National Police Agency, there were 98 traffic accidents on expressways nationwide in the 10 days centering on the Bon Festival from the 7th to the 16th of this month, 128 cases, about 57% of the 226 cases of the same period last year. It has decreased.

This is because many people refrain from going home or traveling, and it seems that the traffic volume decreased significantly, and the number of times that traffic congestion of 10 km or more occurred was 153 times, or about 65%.

On the other hand, the number of reckless driving and malicious drivers to increase speed is increasing on the highway with few cars, and the police are deciding to strengthen the crackdown.