The neighbor who shot the rooster Marcel will be tried in December in Privas, in Ardèche. Drawing. - Lionel Urman / Sipa

This Monday in the middle of the afternoon, she had already collected more than 74,500 signatures. A petition calling for "justice for the Marcel rooster" was launched at the initiative of a resident of the Ardèche village of Vinzieux, whose animal was killed last May.

"We were deeply shocked by this tragedy", explained Sébastien Verney, living in this small town of 450 souls, where the gallinaceous was shot by a neighbor exasperated by his songs. The suspect has admitted the facts and will be tried in early December by the Privas court.

“The way of life in the countryside is increasingly affected by behaviors that are not punished,” observes Sébastien Verney, recalling the legal fight waged last summer around the Mauritius rooster on the island of Oléron.

The objective: "to raise awareness and appease the countryside"

After what he denounced as a "barbaric act", the owner of Marcel created a Facebook page which collected numerous testimonies and marks of support, inciting him to launch the petition "Justice for the rooster Marcel", in order to “raise awareness and appease the countryside”.

Maurice, the example

The conflict around the Maurice rooster prompted the National Assembly to vote in January on a bill introducing the notion of “sensory heritage” of the countryside into French law. It will soon be presented to senators.

In Vinzieux, if Marcel is dead, his descendants are assured and five chicks are ready to take up the torch, according to their owner.


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