Attacks on the physical, insults and comments a bit megalomaniac on their respective audiences ... This weekend, the hosts Arthur and Cyril Hanouna washed their dirty laundry in public on Twitter. A violent household scene that the first then regretted on Instagram.

The hearings of the weekend seriously heated two famous French animators ... who downright insulted each other from a distance. We knew Arthur and Cyril Hanouna very angry for years, and they are not ready to be reconciled, given the words exchanged on Twitter. 

"Numbers you have never done in your entire career"

We are Saturday morning. Cyril Hanouna discovers that Arthur did not have a very good score on TF1 (leader but under 2 million with Friday anything goes  ). He takes up his pen and posts the tweet below:

Hot C Put1! These scores on TF1 are freaking out for the start of the school year! We will work hard with the teams so as not to disappoint you! I know you are demanding more and more and you are right! We will do everything to do our best❤️

- Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) August 15, 2020

Three hours later, noon is approaching. Before lunch, Arthur launches his turn into prose: the host of TF1 claims that his colleague from C8 will never have as great a career as him.

Even with a PS2 released as a bonus, even on August 14 in a heatwave, 1M9 and 22frda are numbers that you have never done in your entire career. I don't blame you because I know you love me. I kiss you hard and am proud to count you among my biggest fans ❤️

- Arthur_Officiel (@Arthur_Officiel) August 15, 2020

"Go paddle boat"

Inevitably, Cyril Hanouna draws, suddenly brother:

brother what's happening to you? I was cool with you! Go paddle boat it will relax you! C ke TV! I am in the darka me! I'm worried about you! Go go have hair implants again and do a little sport to firm it all up and we'll talk to each other at the start of the school year❤️

- Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) August 15, 2020

Arthur stops there. But Hanouna, obviously very angry, ends up posting the photo of an egg custard with this caption:

Here I am going to meet @Arthur_Officiel at the beach! Brother is going to play sports t flabby roof it looks like a blank! Today your day is sport and implants! I kiss you and we make a point tonight! Let go, you can do it even at 60 years old, keep fit my brother

- Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) August 15, 2020

"What a sad example we set this morning"

It is not known if Arthur has taken to the pastry shop, but at the end of the evening he will end up posting a long message on Instagram. 

See this post on Instagram

Dear all, This morning I responded to yet another provocation on the networks. The famous drop of water ... I shouldn't have. I never answer. Looking back I find this pathetic. At a time when COVID-19 paralyzes the world, where Lebanon is counting its dead, people everywhere are marching in the streets for the right to exist, at a time when our country is going through an unprecedented crisis, j responded to insults addressed to me. It's inappropriate . It doesn't look like me and it's not the image I want to return. Because of my answer I had the right to insults on my physique, my weight, my hair. You know me, I don't care, but I don't forget that children suffer from this form of bullying every day, and for them I am even more sorry. What a sad example we set this morning. I deviated from my motto. Silence is the best of contempt. Have a nice week end . Arthur

A post shared by Arthur (@arthur_officiel) on Aug 15, 2020 at 4:57 am PDT

He explains that he regrets having answered, finds it all pathetic ... and concludes that he would have done better to be silent.