Bring an umbrella! There will still be frequent thunderstorms in Beijing in the next three days, and be wary of geological disasters

  News from China today (August 16), Beijing is still frequently disturbed by thundershowers. The main rainfall period today is from around noon to night. Public travel needs to bring rain gear and avoid going to dangerous areas such as mountains and rivers. Pay attention Safety.

  Yesterday was the first day of the end. The highest temperature in Beijing appeared at 10:35, reaching 31.3°C, and the minimum relative humidity was around 50%. The feeling of sultry heat continued unabated.

This morning, Beijing has more clouds. (Photo/Jiang Yi)

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that in the next three days, due to the combined effects of warm and humid air around the subtropical high and weak cold air, there will be thunderstorms and uneven rainfall distribution. Among them, during the daytime in Beijing, it turned from cloudy to overcast with thunderstorms, and winds from north to south were level two to three, and the highest temperature was 28°C.

  The day after tomorrow, Beijing still has frequent thunderstorms, and the highest temperature is between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius. The public should bring rain gear when they go out and continue to prevent heatstroke.

  Meteorological experts reminded that there will be thunderstorms in the city from around noon to night today. The public should carry rain gear and pay attention to traffic safety. The recent rainfall is frequent. Please avoid activities in dangerous areas such as mountains and rivers to prevent geological disasters.