Tourism companies cancel trips in the coming days

Despite the warning, 30,000 Germans spend their holidays on Spanish islands

Mallorca is a favorite of the Germans. Father

The German Travel Association stated that there are currently about 30,000 German tourists spending their holidays in the Spanish Balearic Islands.

A spokesman for the federation, Torsten Schaeffer, said yesterday that it is likely that about 90% of them spend their holidays in Mallorca, but there is not yet an overview of the number of vacationers, who want to leave early in the coming days.

The day before yesterday, the German government expanded the scope of its travel warning for certain regions in Spain against the background of the increasing numbers of new Coronavirus infections, to now include the entire mainland of Spain and the Balearic Islands, and the distant Canary Islands in the Atlantic are excluded from the warning. The Balearic Islands include the Germans' favorite island of Mallorca, as well as the islands of Ibiza and Menorca.

According to the federation, tour operators will cancel trips scheduled there in the coming days. It is a standard procedure that is implemented after the government issues a travel warning, which does not mean a ban, but allows tourists to terminate their travel contract for free.

The giant tourism company TUI announced that it would cancel Spain trips.

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