[Explanation] On August 15, Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, which had been closed for more than 60 days, was officially resumed. At 7:38 in the morning, trucks full of fruits and vegetables drove into the large farm gate of Xinfadi Market in turn, and merchants lined up to enter.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Lijun, vegetable wholesaler

  I am very excited, because we have been outside for more than two months and we are finally back today. Three trucks have been purchased, about 30 tons. Today we have prepared a larger volume. Old customers can return more than 50%, which is better than expected.

  [Concurrent] Li Yao, a fruit wholesaler

  We mainly (batch) kiwifruit, a specialty of Shaanxi. We look forward to the opening of Xinfadi earlier. Today, it feels like a Chinese New Year. Half of the (old customers) should be back.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Liang, fruit buyer

  I heard that this market has opened, so I came to have a look. Today I will look at watermelons and grapes.

  [Concurrent] Fruit and vegetable buyer Liu Changcheng

  We arrived at the market very early. We plan to mainly sell some grapes, watermelons, and peach products. The estimated amount is about 120 tons.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw that Xinfadi Market has installed and used a market intelligent management system. All vehicles need to verify the information of people and vehicles through the face recognition system, and merchants can enter the venue after passing the temperature test. Before the phase, the market was more open and tidy, and transportation vehicles were parked in zones according to regulations.

  [Concurrent] Fruit and vegetable buyer Liu Changcheng

  After we arrived, the efficiency was relatively high. Basically, our car entered directly by scanning the code, and then when our people entered, we used face recognition and temperature test, and it passed in a few seconds.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Lijun, vegetable wholesaler

  After coming in, it is obvious that compared with before, it is obviously clean, and the vehicles are parked neatly. At first glance, I feel particularly comfortable.

  [Concurrent] Gu Zhaoxue, Executive Deputy General Manager of Xinfadi Market

  Our new development orientation is the wholesale transaction of bulk products. The overall separation of batches and parts is realized. Using this door-to-door informationized big data model, through the buyer's membership system, you can clearly grasp where people come from, where cars come from, and where goods come from, and improve the efficiency of market management. Today we can ship more than 1,000 vehicles, and the market volume can reach nearly 13,000 tons. Today's situation is fully in line with our expectations.

  [Explanation] Currently, Xinfadi Market has cancelled the retail function and is no longer open to individual consumers. In order to meet the needs of community residents to purchase vegetables, 77 convenient vegetable shops and 164 community vegetable through trains under the market have also resumed the market.

  [The same period] Jia Xiaopeng, person in charge of the convenience store in Xinfadi Market

  We can now produce about 3 tons of vegetables per day. There are more than 80 varieties of vegetables and more than 60 varieties of fruits. Our daily customer orders are about 800 to 1,000 orders, which guarantees the entire community. Consumer demand).

  [Concurrent] Customer Ms. Tang

  It’s more convenient to eat vegetables, and the price is not bad. I buy more celery, leeks, ginger and tomatoes. It’s cheaper, isn’t it?

  [Explanation] It is understood that the area to resume business on the 15th is the area south of the main market railway in Xinfadi Market. There are 5 gates, among which Da Nong Gate and Fu Nong Gate are the entrances to the wholesale area, and San Nong Gate and Yunong Gate are the exits of the wholesale area , Qiangnongmen is the entrance to the loading area. Currently, the market exempts merchants from management fees such as entry fees and booth fees.

  Lang Jiahui Du Yan reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]