Wajima Grand Festival "Chirico" canceled at Corona As a red stamp on the festival photo Ishikawa August 14, 17:22

At a local shrine, you can feel the atmosphere of the festival as soon as you carried out a large lantern called "Kirico" at the "Wajima Grand Festival" in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture due to the influence of the new coronavirus. To give it away, we are giving it a new stamp with a photo of the festival.

"Wajima Grand Festival" is a general term for summer festivals that are held sequentially from August 22th at four shrines in Wajima City. This year, a large lantern called "Kirico" and a Mikoshi carry a new coronavirus. It has been cancelled.

So, among the four shrines, Shigezo Shrine has been given a new red stamp since the end of last month to give you a taste of the festival atmosphere.

There are two types of red stamps, gold and silver, with a length of 15 cm and a width of 21 cm. A photo of the mikoshi dancing and the moment the torch falls is printed while the torch sparks fly.

Ayuko Nomon of Jizo Shrine said, "Since the summer festival has the meaning of warding off evil, I am praying for the new coronavirus to disappear even on this new red stamp."