Natacha Bouchart has been mayor of Calais since 2008. - Jacques Witt / SIPA

Boris Johnson's remarks about illegal migrant crossings have set fire to the powder on the other side of the Channel. The LR mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart was quick to respond, asking the British Prime Minister to "calm down" and "urgently change" his methods of welcoming migrants, who she said was responsible for a "call for 'air' to the UK. 

"Me, I consider Boris Johnson's words to be provocative, and I say it clearly, it is a declaration of maritime war since it is out of the question that the army ships actually hinder territorial waters (French) and in addition, technically, it is impossible, ”she told AFP on Thursday.

"The British do not know how to negotiate", she believes

“If the migrants want to pass, it is because the British themselves create the call for air. They create the call for air since they have in fact not touched anything in their legislation for twenty years, so from the center of Sangatte, ”she said.

“So I call on Boris Johnson by saying 'you calm down urgently, urgently change your methods of dealing with and welcoming migrants. And I call on Gérald Darmanin by saying: "do not give in, do not give in since the British do not know how to negotiate, it is only by arm wrestling that we are able to obtain something", a- she added again.

"Stupid" illegal crossings, according to Boris Johnson

A plan to combat illegal sea crossings, drawn up in consultation with the British authorities, is being finalized to strengthen the means of control on the coasts and upstream of the main crossing points.

The British government on Sunday instructed a former Royal Navy to make illegal Channel crossings "impracticable". Boris Johnson denounced Monday as "stupid, dangerous and criminal" to want to cross the Channel illegally to the United Kingdom.


Boris Johnson attacks 'stupid' illegal Channel crossings


Calais migrants without food or water since Gérald Darmanin's visit

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