, August 14th. The People’s Court of Haizhou District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province issued an apology on its WeChat official account on the 14th, stating that on the evening of August 13th, "The court is in trouble, the execution notice posted the wrong address and scared the elderly at home. "The video aroused heated discussion among netizens. The People's Court of Haizhou District of Lianyungang City quickly carried out the inspection based on the situation reflected in the online video. The court dispatched a discipline inspection team and conducted admonishment and criticism education to relevant executives. The relevant responsible persons and executives came to the door to apologize.

Image source: Lianyungang Haizhou District People's Court WeChat Official Account

  According to the announcement, at about 10 a.m. on August 13, 2020, two executors from the Haizhou District People’s Court of Lianyungang City posted the move-out announcement and auction ruling on a unit building in Honggang Garden according to the address in the real estate registration information of the person subject to execution There was no response from the knock on the door. Since the address was consistent with the relevant registration information, a notice of moving out and an auction ruling were posted on the outer wall of the door.

  At 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, Ms. Cai contacted and reported the wrong address for posting the announcement. After re-verification, the executors learned that the registered address of the real estate of the person subject to execution was Honggang Garden and the address of the actual assets to be disposed of was Honggang Apartment, so they corrected relevant work in time. In the process of communicating with Ms. Cai, the executives had a bad attitude and even said inappropriate remarks of "no apology".

  After the incident, the disciplinary inspection team dispatched by the Haizhou District People’s Court of Lianyungang City conducted admonishment talks and criticism and education to the relevant executives. The party secretary and dean led the relevant persons in charge and executives of the executive bureau to the door to sincerely apologize, restore the wall, and Obtain the understanding of the problem reflector. The People's Court of Haizhou District of Lianyungang City stated that it deeply apologizes for the adverse effects of this incident on the parties and their relatives, and will learn lessons from it, reflect on the issues seriously, further strengthen team management, and effectively improve work style.