The British company Marks & Spencer has become another target of dodgers who are trying to capitalize on the Black Lives Matters (BLM) protests. It's a feast for the fluffs and swindlers in the corporate world. Those for whom they are supposedly trying are left behind.

The "hidden racism" for which M&S had to kneel and apologize was allegedly manifested in the naming of the bra colors on the online store. The company initially defended its palette by saying it was an industry standard with no relation to race or skin color, but then changed its position.

What has changed? A disgruntled customer, a 29-year-old black woman named Kushi Kimani, reached out to the media to accuse the store of deliberately labeling the dark brown shade "tobacco" in order to evoke negative connotations that the lighter shades were named "cinnamon "And" iris "- evoke more pleasant thoughts.

The tobacco option remained on the M&S website for two months, but when the British tabloid The Mirror approached it, the company gave up and promised to get rid of the ill-fated shade, begging for forgiveness for not doing it earlier.

Kimani and The Mirror declared victory. But it’s hard to see how this bullying improves the plight of blacks anywhere, even those who can afford to suffer from the problems of the well-fed - such as what the description of a piece of underwear for £ 13 can cause.

The bra story is one of hundreds of similar scandals that have occurred in recent months. The scenario is as follows: a dodger comes to a corporation with a capital of millions of dollars and speaks of a "problem" of a racial nature, and the company decides not to defend its products, but to succumb to a social climate in which going against political correctness is to sign a financial death warrant.

Further events develop in a similar way. The Dodger may or may not be associated with BLM or any other social justice organization, but he does it professionally with his tongue, gets his 15 minutes of fame, several television appearances, and if the scam really works out, maybe even a cash payment or a job ...

The corporation will publicly apologize, drop several million to BLM or some anti-racist non-profit organization, and declare itself recently “awakened” - having learned a Valuable Lesson about Systemic Racism without having to change the way they work.

All of these corporate apologies are invariably hailed in the media as victories over racism, but the quality of life for disadvantaged minorities has not improved in any way. They fail to get out of debt. The police don't stop yanking them in the streets. It doesn't matter if Amazon removes the shoes, which have been hanging on the site for several months with an offensive "racist" word in the description, or whether M&S revises its supposedly offensive palette, the situation remains the same.

Amazon continues to pay paltry wages to its warehouse workers and squeeze physical stores out of business, and M&S continues to sell clothes made in Bangladesh, where seamstresses are paid less than half the living wage. It turns out even better - now such an activity can be called "awakened"!

Apology campaigns may not help minorities, but they are great at dividing society along racial lines. When faced with complaints of systemic racism, whites get bogged down: therefore, the "real" racial issues have already been solved, since black activists (at least those they see on TV) are busy pestering HBO for showing "Gone with the Wind".

The media is happily picking up on this topic, attacking everyone and everyone for alleged racism - from women with makeup to men drawing fan art with little ponies. Corporations are beginning to forego any product or slogan that might contain any hint of racism (but they always miss something). And when the easy targets run out, and self-confidence has already grown, the dodgers decide to tackle the structural elements of Western society: mathematics, history, even language.

If someone expects corporations to be at the forefront of the fight against the new "thought police", he will be disappointed. But the crooks who carry out this gigantic scheme are harassing all races, and it would be wise for us to work together to end it.

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