Cuba Gooding Jr.'s lawyer, Peter Toumbekis, made a striking statement on Thursday during a hearing in the abuse case filed against the actor. According to him, women with small breasts often have "delusions", TMZ reports . Gooding Jr. has been charged with sexual misconduct by 22 women.

The actor and his legal team appeared in a Manhattan courthouse for a preliminary hearing. The hearing took a strange turn when one of his lawyers, Toumbekis, claimed that a woman's negative feelings about her breasts may affect her perception of the reality of sexual assault.

Toumbekis brought this up because one of the alleged victims once wrote a blog about women's self-esteem and body problems. According to TMZ, it appears that he is using her words as the starting point for his theory, suggesting that the prosecution has interpreted an act as assault because of the size of her breasts.

Reporters asked Gooding Jr. to respond to his attorney's decision, but he merely removed his face mask to reveal a Black Lives Matter symbol.

The Oscar winner, known for Jerry Maguire , Pearl Harbor and the American Crime Story series , pleaded innocence on six charges of sexual misconduct last October. If found guilty, Gooding Jr. could face a maximum prison sentence of one year and three months.