Go newspaper reporter wins seven major titles Ichiriki Ryohadan Dan 14th August 20:30

One of the seven great titles in Go, Ichiriki Ryodan, won Naoki Hane Gosei and won his first major title in the Go Battle. Ichiriki 8dan also works as a reporter at a newspaper company, and according to Nihon Kiin, it is the first time that a newspaper reporter has won seven major titles.

In the 45th Go Goseisen No. 5 game of Go, Ichiriki Ryohadan took on title Naoki Hane Gosei, and Ichiriki 8dan, who had won two consecutive games so far, was close to winning another title. ..

On the 14th, at the 3rd station held at Nippon Kiin in Tokyo, Ichiriki got the title of "Gosei" by winning Hane-san and winning three consecutive victories.

This is the first time that Ichiriki has won seven major titles.

Ichiriki is 23 years old from Miyagi prefecture. After graduating from university this spring, he joined "Kahoku Shinposha", a newspaper company headquartered in Sendai, and has a unique career as a journalist.

According to Nippon Kiin, it is the first time a newspaper reporter has won the seven major Go titles.

After finishing the game, Mr. Ichiriki said, "Kyoto's game was unprecedented from the beginning and it was difficult to judge," he said, "Looking back at the three games of the Go holy battle, I have the power I have now throughout the game. I feel like I was able to deliver it. I'm glad I was able to get the result," he said with joy.