• Pandemic: Covid-19 infections double in one day: from 3,172 to 7,550

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, presides this Friday an extraordinary meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council with the autonomous communities to analyze the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. The appointment takes place hours after Health, in its update on Thursday, made public data that showed that Covid-19 infections had doubled in 24 hours.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 337,334 cases of coronavirus diagnosed by PCR; 28,605 deaths with positive test on August 12

  • 89,909 in Catalonia (5,709 dead)
  • 83,606 in Madrid (8,471 dead)
  • 22,169 in Castilla y León (2,804 dead)
  • 19,582 in Castilla-La Mancha (3,037 dead)
  • 19,009 in the Basque Country (1,566 dead)
  • 18,059 in Andalusia (1,445 dead)
  • 15,934 in the Valencian Community (1,442 dead)
  • 19,418 in Aragon (992 dead)
  • 10,480 in Galicia (622 dead)
  • 7,713 in Navarra (531 dead)
  • 4,333 in La Rioja (366 dead)
  • 3,664 in Extremadura (522 dead)
  • 3,107 in the Canary Islands (164 dead)
  • 3,780 in the Balearic Islands (225 dead)
  • 2,733 in Asturias (334 dead)
  • 2,824 in Cantabria (220 dead)
  • 3,116 in Murcia (149 dead)
  • 168 in Ceuta (4 dead)
  • 180 in Melilla (2 dead)

8.56. New Zealand extends Auckland lockdown until August 26 to fight coronavirus

The New Zealand government announced this Friday that it will extend the confinement in the city of Auckland, with 1.7 million inhabitants, the most populated in the country , for twelve days to fight against the outbreak of Covid-19, which was detected on Tuesday after reaching the nation 102 days without local infections.

The government of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern decided to extend the measure, which came into effect on Wednesday and ended this midnight, and also maintain social restrictions on the rest of New Zealand due to this outbreak of unknown origin found earlier in the week in four members of the same family and that already has 29 local infections throughout the country.

The two-week confinement period, which is linked to the incubation cycle of the coronavirus, will allow the authorities to establish a perimeter of the outbreak, isolate it and be able to weigh a potential relaxation of the measures.

8.50. Germany marks its highest number of new coronavirus cases in more than 100 days

The number of new cases of coronavirus detected in Germany in the last 24 hours has marked its maximum value in the last 105 days with 1,449 infected , reports this Friday the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a leading epidemiological center.

This is the highest number of cases since May 1, when 1,639 were registered, and represents a small increase compared to 1,445 the previous day, maintaining the upward trend of recent weeks. It is still far, however, from the more than 6,000 newspapers that were registered at the beginning of April.

If in June the average of new daily cases had stabilized between 300 and 350, the average has risen significantly in recent days , with six days above the thousand infected since August 6.

7.45. South Korea registers 85 new local infections of coronavirus, record since March

South Korea, one of the countries that has best controlled the spread of the coronavirus, today reported 85 new local infections detected on Thursday, the highest number since March.

In total, the Asian country scored 103 new positives, of which 18 are imported infections. Of the 85 local infections, the majority, 72, correspond to several outbreaks that have been growing in the capital region, where some 26 million people reside, more than half of the national population.

The number of new local infections reported today is the highest since 88 infections of this type were counted on March 31. The data has prompted health authorities to begin evaluating the possibility of tightening social distancing measures , especially in the region around Seoul.

00.15 UK imposes quarantine on travelers from France and the Netherlands

The British Government announced on Thursday the imposition of a 14-day quarantine, starting this Saturday, on travelers from France and the Netherlands, due to fear of the increase in cases of Covid-19 in those countries.

In addition, the United Kingdom has also decided to apply the quarantine to those who enter from Malta, Turks and Caicos and Aruba, a measure that will be effective from 03.00 GMT this Saturday.

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23.30 The head of Government of Caracas and senior Chavista leader dies of COVID-19

The head of the Government of Caracas, the senior Chavista leader Darío Vivas, died this Thursday from causes related to Covid-19, less than a month after announcing that he suffered from the disease.

"It is with deep regret that we receive the unfortunate news of the death of our good friend Darío Vivas, a full-fledged revolutionary, with whom we have shared brave struggles in the streets of Caracas since the 1980s in defense of the people and the homeland," the prosecutor confirmed on Twitter. General, Tarek Saab, also a veteran Chavista leader.

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