No later than 8 September, those who watch analogue need to reprogram their TV to be able to take part in the digital broadcasts. Comhem's press spokesperson Fredrik Hallstan tells Aftonbladet that it is about half a million households that need to switch from analogue to digital viewing.

For those who find the technology difficult and cannot reprogram their TV themselves, Comhem recommends asking a relative for help.

"If there is a relative or a kind neighbor who can help in the home, that is our best tip," the company writes on its website. They also list contact information for TV manufacturers and advise their customers to call them for help with the changeover.

May need to buy a new TV

Via its website, Comhem also offers "home fixers" who can come home to the customer and set up the TV for the digital broadcasts, which then costs SEK 399.

Older TVs that were manufactured before about 2008 do not have the ability to show digital TV. Those who have an older TV therefore need to either buy a new TV set or supplement it with a digital box.