Hongbin, a former member of VIXX, said, "I'm confused, but I'm going to go well," saying that he was suddenly decided to join the military.

On the 13th, Hongbin said in his personal broadcast, "I worried a lot and wanted to deepen my thoughts, but the military enlistment was suddenly decided."

Hongbin, born in 1993, is 28 years old in Korea this year. Hongbin, a graduate of Baekje University's graduate school, recently withdrew from VIXX and took a leave of absence from school to concentrate on private broadcasting. Then, the Military Manpower Administration immediately informed the enlistment, and it was reported that Hongbin was in a hurry to enlist in one week.

Hongbin said, "As a South Korean man, I thought I had to go to national defense someday, but I wanted to have a period of time." Came and said there was no reason."

Hongbin explained, "I'm sorry to go suddenly. When I first heard the story, the plan suddenly changed and I was confused and unhappy. Honestly, there was no way." .

Earlier, while drinking alcohol in March and conducting a personal broadcast, Hongbin was controversial by mentioning other idol singers and withdrew from VIXX.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)