A mobile gendarme. Drawing. - Nicolas Messyasz - Sipa

The Tarbes mobile gendarmerie squadron, code name EGM 35-6, is no longer fully operational. The Hautes-Pyrénées prefecture announced Thursday that 50 of its soldiers had tested positive for Covid-19, upon their return from Polynesia. One of them is hospitalized.

The 72 men involved in this mission returned on August 7. "On August 10, some of them feeling suggestive symptoms, the soldiers and their families were immediately confined to their barracks", state services. It was therefore on site, with the help of a mobile firefighter team, that the screening tests were carried out the next day on 82 soldiers.

105 contact cases so far

"To take into account the incubation period", the screening of families will begin, also on site, on Monday August 17th.

Health insurance has also identified 105 “risky” contact cases for the time being, mainly in the family circle of gendarmes. They were referred to testing centers and asked to self-isolate. Health investigations are continuing.


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