Vitaa and Slimane have just created a surprise by unveiling this morning a new unpublished single entitled "It will go". The duo have just announced that their phenomenon album will have a chapter 2 which will be released in the fall. Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne are currently working on a screenplay they advertise as the anti "Bohemian Rhapsody".

They are among the biggest record sellers in France. Vitaa and Slimane are releasing a new song today.

Their album "Versus" was certified diamond disc. Their title "Ca va, ça va" was crowned "song of the year" at the last Victoires de la Musique. But Vitaa and Slimane always want more. They have just created a surprise this morning by unveiling a new unpublished single called "It'll be". The duo have just announced that their phenomenon album will have a chapter 2 which will be released in the fall. They just recorded ten new songs. It is rumored that a collaboration with Mr Pokora is in the pipeline.

A family of rockers who see life on the big screen, and especially on the big screen.

This family is the Osbourne. We followed them in the early 2000s with a pretty trashy reality TV show broadcast on MTV. Ozzie Osbourne, the father, is one of the founders of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. His wife Sharon is a ruthless businesswoman who has managed the career of her husband but also those of the rock band Smashing Pumpkins or the metal musicians Coal Chamber. These two personalities have had an excessively chaotic life which is full of twists and turns. And that gave them an idea… Ozzie and Sharon say to themselves that they have in their hands the perfect material to make a cinema film. They are therefore currently working on a scenario which they advertise as being the anti "Bohemian Rhapsody". The Osbourne did not like the biopic dedicated to the group Queen at all. Obviously with them, we should be in something much rougher, much less smooth. The casting is still under consideration. 

For cinema enthusiasts, a video platform has become essential and offers seasonal films this summer.

We talk a lot about Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime or Disney + but in the world of video platforms, there is one that is particularly good. A platform that allows you to breathe a little bit of air and which changes formatted or marketed films to the extreme to please the greatest number. La Cinetek was created in 2015 by filmmakers Cédric Klaspich, Laurent Cantet and Pascale Ferran. This platform asks directors around the world to share their favorite films with you. You can find everything there, in all styles, but always the best of the best. It is really exciting. This summer, Cinetek has selected totally appropriate films for you. This selection is also called "Long live summer!". For only two euros, You could see or re-watch for example the hectic "Point Break" with Patrick Swayze, the film "Plein Soleil" with a Delon in full splendor at the time or the irresistible "Marius and Jeanette" by Robert Guédiguian.

Each month, Cinetek also offers a selection of films on a very specific theme. At the moment, the theme is "learning stories" with films by Almodovar, Joseph Losey or André Téchiné. For those who have not yet subscribed and who would like to discover all these masterpieces, it is reassuring to think that our choices are not limited to an algorithm! The address of the site is

Singer Dua Lipa has just remixed her album released a few months ago.

Dua Lipa is a bit the essential singer of this summer. Its title "Physical" is a huge success. His album "Future Nostalgia" is leading sales all over the world. And as if that wasn't enough. no, the singer has decided to release today remixes of all the songs on this album and in particular this song "Levitating". 

So this is the original version but for her remix, Dua Lipa called on two of her friends. It is therefore a version with Missy Elliot and Madonna that she offers us today.

In Los Angeles, Sharon Stone is writing her autobiography.

The star of "Basic Instinct" or "Casino" has just revealed that she will be told unvarnished in her memories. She will return to her childhood wounds, her career choices, her outstanding roles, her two marriages or even the stroke which almost cost her her life in 2001. Sharon Stone is also known for her unwavering commitment for many years. years in the fight against AIDS. This should all be pretty exciting because Sharon Stone has always been a little bit of a personality in the Hollywood star system. This autobiography is scheduled for March 2021 in the United States. The French release date has not yet been specified. 

We end this Journal of Culture with an "Instant Jukebox". 

It is August 14th and we have the impression that the whole culture has gone on stand-by. On social networks, we see only photos of artists who bask their pill in the sun, who eat ice cream and who drink cocktails of all colors. Culture Medias has therefore prepared a little "Jukebox" special for Sea, Sex and Sun. Song # 1 will be totally “Sea”, Song # 2 will be totally “Sex” and Song # 3 will be “Sun”.