The Office of the State Council’s Security Committee made an unannounced visit to the safety of hazardous chemicals in a Tianjin No. 1 company. There were 8 questions about a fire certificate

  From August 7th to 14th, the Office of the State Council Security Committee dispatched 6 working groups to 11 provinces including Hebei, Shanxi and Fujian and 4 key ports including Tianjin and Qingdao to control the production and storage of explosive chemicals such as ammonium nitrate. Management, etc. to conduct open and unannounced visits.

  When the first working group made an unannounced visit to the Tianjin port area, the Huiyang Petroleum Storage and Transportation Company inspected and found that there were 8 problems with one hot spot certificate. In Sanming City and Nanping City, Fujian Province, the sixth working group found many prominent hidden dangers during on-site inspections. For example, in the control room of the ammonia oxidation and ammonium nitrate section of Yongan Shuanghua Chemical Co., Ltd., the fire separation distance in the installation area did not meet the relevant requirements, and The ammonium nitrate section control room is not marked on the general layout plan of the whole plant.

  The work team dispatched by the State Council’s Office of the Security Committee inspected more than 60 enterprises and found more than 350 hidden dangers of various problems. In response to the discovered hidden dangers, all working groups gave feedback to the local government and put forward rectification requirements, ordering companies with prominent hidden dangers to suspend business for rectification, supervising major hidden dangers, and urging companies to rectify within a time limit to ensure the implementation of various rectification measures. Many local governments initiated investigations and reforms, which effectively promoted the in-depth development of special inspections and rectifications for the storage of hazardous chemicals nationwide.