"Nuclear waste" final disposal site Hokkaido requested to refrain from applying to Suttsu Town August 14th 17:52

In selecting the final disposal site for so-called "nuclear waste," in response to the fact that Shoutsu-cho, Hokkaido is considering applying for the survey, an executive from Hokkaido requested to refrain from applying on the afternoon of the 14th. I understand. The town, on the other hand, said that the idea of ​​considering the application was unchanged.

Mayor Haruo Kataoka of the town of Suttsu, Hokkaido, will be the first step on the 13th regarding the selection of the final disposal site for "high-level radioactive waste", so-called "nuclear waste," generated from spent nuclear fuel of the nuclear power plant. Revealed that they are considering applying for the Survey.

In response to this, on the afternoon of the 14th, it became clear that executives such as Vice Governor Shunsuke Tsuchiya visited the town hall and had an interview with Mayor Kataoka for about an hour.

According to the people involved, Hokkaido requested that the town "don't apply" because the ordinance stipulates that "high-level radioactive waste is difficult to accept in Hokkaido". is.

In response to this, Mayor Kataoka replied, "Considering future urban development in a difficult financial situation, application is one of the options", and it is said that there is no change in the idea of ​​considering application. ..

On August 26th, the town will hold a discussion session with the members of the town council and representatives of groups such as fishery cooperatives, and decide whether to apply in the middle of next month.