Proposal for "Cherish Food and Reasonable Meals"

  In order to implement General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions on stopping food waste, promote the traditional virtues of diligence and thrift, and promote reasonable and healthy diets, under the guidance of the Office of the National Nutrition and Health Steering Committee (Food Division of the National Health Commission), China Prevention The Medical Association, the Chinese Nutrition Society, and the Chinese Student Nutrition and Health Promotion Association put forward the following initiatives.

  1. Cherish food and promote traditional virtues. Respect Chinese food, every grain is hard, everyone should cherish food and make full use of food. Purchase according to needs, process and store food properly, and reduce the production of food "garbage". Meal preparation and take-out meals are selected according to the number of diners, and the food metering is selected on demand to ensure fresh food and avoid waste.

  2. Health-oriented and promote reasonable diet. According to different ages, physical activities and physical conditions, determine the three-meal food match and ratio, avoid overeating and enjoy the good food. Advocate a reasonable diet and a healthy lifestyle, prevent diet-related chronic diseases, and lay the foundation for the health of the whole family.

  3. Provide a proper meal and implement the "CD-ROM" action. Catering units should consciously fulfill their social responsibilities, actively guide consumers to order reasonable and appropriate meals, and promote small servings, half servings, and set meals. The selection of dishes should be based on a variety of foods, a combination of meat and vegetables, and selection as needed to promote the implementation of the "CD" action.

  4. Promote food education and cultivate thrifty habits. Strengthen the guidance and education for students on "shameful waste and glorious economy", and cultivate students to develop the habit of not being partial or picky and the virtues of diligence and thrift. One porridge, one meal, when thinking is hard to come by. The small hand in hand, the whole family mobilized.

  5. Eliminate waste and create a healthy fashion. No extravagance and waste, no excessive luxury for banquets, and promote serving chopsticks and meal sharing system, simple meals, partial meals, and reject game. Do not forget to cook less salt, oil and sugar, and cultivate a light taste. Inherit and carry forward the fine food culture, and promote the economical, hygienic and reasonable diet "new food style".

  6. Each fulfills its responsibilities and forms a pattern of co-governance. The whole society takes active actions, persists for a long time, and works for a long time. Call on all members, the majority of disease prevention and control personnel, registered dietitians and other health promotion personnel, to give full play to their professional advantages, to join efforts to eliminate waste, and to build an economical and healthy China.