At 15:00 on August 11, a paraglider enthusiast hung the paraglider at the junction of Zhuolu County and Huailai County in Zhangjiakou City during a paragliding flight due to improper operation. It was about 30 meters above the ground on a 220kV high-voltage line on. After receiving the alarm at the same time, the fire rescue department rushed to the scene to start rescue.

  The fire rescue personnel learned that the voltage of the high-voltage wire was 220 kV and was energized normally. The paraglider's canopy was hung on two wires. The parachute rope firmly stabilized the trapped person and made it hang in the air. The parachute rope has good insulation properties, and the trapped man did not get an electric shock.

  In order to ensure the safety of the trapped man, the fire rescue personnel immediately notified the public security department and the medical department to assist in the rescue, and coordinated with the Zhangjiakou power department to temporarily cut off the high-voltage electricity above the man. With the cooperation of the electric power department, the electrician climbed to the high-voltage tower crane and tied the rope, tried to pull down the ladder and safety rope from high altitude, and fixed the pulley to the high-voltage line. The fire and rescue personnel carried the traction below, and transported the rescue equipment to Trapped personnel. According to the command of the commander, the trapped man used the safety hook on the rope to fasten his safety ring, then slowly moved his body to the ladder, and used the small scissors he carried to cut the umbrella rope step by step. Finally, the trapped man Use the ladder to get down to the ground. (Edited by Lu Jie)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】