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An attraction of the animal park Mont Mosan, located in Belgium, is singled out on social networks. Images were broadcast on August 7 by the collective “C'est enough”, which defends animal welfare.

On the video, we see children installed in a small boat, towed by a sea lion. A streak shared more than 500,000 times on social networks and which drew numerous indignant comments, reports  HuffPost

⚠️ Call to action! Stupidity has no limits! Sea lions towing children are not fun! 😡 Call

the Mont Mosan park (Belgium) on their Facebook or by Email.


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- That's enough ! (@cestassezfrance) August 7, 2020

The animals "are not mistreated", assures the director

The controversy has grown to such an extent that Jean-Marc Vanberg, the director of the animal park, has spoken on the subject. "I think people should pay more attention to the slaughter of poor whales that still take place in some places of the world instead of looking after a small park where animals are not mistreated," he told Belgian site 7 out of 7 .

The animal park had already been the target of accusations of ill-treatment concerning sea lions but also seals. The anti-zoo association ASBL Wolf Eyes, which had lodged a complaint, considered that the park had made marine mammals blind by putting too much chlorine in the ponds. The director had again taken the floor to refute these accusations.

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