Head of the Russian Epidemiology Center: The vaccine protects against "Corona" for two years

The head of the Russian "Gamali" National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Alexander Ginsburg, announced that the Russian vaccine will protect the Russians from the coronavirus for at least two years.

This was stated by him in an interview he made today the 13th of the "60 Minutes" program of "Russia - 1" TV channel. According to the Russian site "Russia Today".

Ginsburg, answering a question of why the Russian vaccines, one of which has been recorded, are being subjected to stinging criticism from Western colleagues, he said that the criticism has something to do with competition.

The head of the center recalled that the two Russian laboratories had announced the possibility of developing vaccines, namely the "Gamali" center and the "Victor" center for viruses and microscopic technologies. He said that there are good specialists who are able to develop a good vaccine.

On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the vaccine developed by experts in the "Gamali" center had been officially registered and that it was ready for use.

It is reported that the Presidents of the Philippines and Serbia have expressed their desire to test the Russian vaccine on themselves.