The Society for the German Language (GfdS) has advised against using the gender asterisk. In principle, the GfdS advocates a non-discriminatory language, the so-called gender asterisk as in "readers" is not a suitable means from a linguistic point of view. Neither the gender asterisk nor comparable means such as the underscore or the colon are compatible with the official rules of German spelling.

Orthographic and grammatical correctness and uniformity, legibility and comprehensibility of a text would come first. "The GfdS therefore expressly advises against using the gender asterisk and similar problematic forms," ​​she said.

The use of different gender-neutral forms leads to inconsistent spelling, criticized the GfdS. It is also unclear how words like "reader" should be pronounced. For those who speak and listen, there would be uncertainties, it said. If used, incorrect forms such as "doctor" would also arise.

According to its own information, the GfdS is supported by the federal government, the federal states and a support group. The association's tasks include providing language advice to institutions. He also gives recommendations for language usage.