China News Service, Xi'an, August 12 (Reporter Mei Yilong and intern Zhao Xiaoyan) There is an old woman in Xi'an. She has made thousands of different puppets in more than 20 years. People around her affectionately call her "muppet grandma" . "I have poured strong emotions into every puppet. This is the love from the heart and the feelings that cannot be let go." Wei Lamei, a 70-year-old traditional craftsman, told a reporter from

  It is understood that when he was young, Wei Lamei worked in the meat joint factory and began his "beijing drift" life after retiring in 1997. Wei Lamei was also influenced by his mother and grandma like needlework in childhood memories. She was recommended by a friend to work in a toy garment factory. At that time, she didn't know the professional knowledge and skills of making puppet toys, so she taught herself while working and kept accumulating experience. During this period, she participated in the production of cartoon images in many TV shows and deepened her love for making puppet toys.

The picture shows Wei Lamei is making puppets. Photo by Zhao Xiaoyan

  In 2010, Wei Lamei returned to Xi'an under the persuasion of her children, but Wei Lamei did not give up her hobby of making puppets, so she opened a studio and continued to make puppet toys. The reporter saw in Wei Lamei's studio that all kinds of puppets filled the room. They were of different shapes and vivid images, including dolls wearing tiger hats and colorful elephant dolls. Wei Lamei said that a work needs to go through the design, composition, cutting, sewing, filling and other links, and each link must be patiently polished to finally present a good work.

  "The most impressive thing is the participation in the production of the mascot "Lingling" for the Kunming World Expo and the mascot "Crested Ibis" for the Xi'an City Games." Wei Lamei told a reporter from that there was no mechanized assistance at the time, and they were all stitches and stitches. After sewing, when I see my own work, I feel satisfied and fulfilled.

  Nowadays, Wei Lamei has become a director of the Xi'an Women’s Handicraft Association. While chasing her dream of puppets, she has an extra responsibilities, which drives more women to learn this craft. Wei Lamei’s friend Hui Xia said that making puppets is something that requires care and devotion. The most valuable quality in this process is persistence. Whenever encountering a production bottleneck, Teacher Wei will motivate himself.

The picture shows Wei Lamei is broadcasting live. Photo by Zhao Xiaoyan

  With the development of the times, traditional handicrafts are facing various challenges. In order to better inherit this skill, Wei Lamei continues to explore and innovate. In her works, many young people like "symbols" are incorporated. At the same time, she followed the trend of the times and played a live broadcast, explaining online craftsmanship skills to netizens.

  "I am the grandmother who really stands on the top of the wave." Wei Lamei said with a smile. For her, new things such as the Internet and live broadcasts are not only challenges, but also opportunities. She maintains the courage to "ride the wind and waves", persist in making her favorite puppets, and let more people understand traditional handicrafts. dream. (Finish)