China News Service, Nanjing, August 12 (Xu Shanshan) Recently, an indecent video of Kang, a teacher of Zhenjiang Experimental Senior Middle School, was spread on the Internet, causing a bad influence. On the 12th, the school issued the "Notice on the Preliminary Investigation and Handling of the Online Transmission of Indecent Video of Teacher Kang Hua", stating that "Teacher Kang Hua was immediately transferred from the front-line teaching post and ordered him to conduct a thorough inspection."

  According to the report, the preliminary investigation revealed that this indecent video was uploaded by others to the WeChat circle and then widely disseminated. The person concerned, Kang Hua, had reported the case to the Jinshan Police Station of the Runzhou Branch of the Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau on the morning of August 10. A police report was issued on August 11.

  According to a police report, 25-year-old Pan has surrendered and admitted that he "found indecent videos of the woman and others on the phone of a female friend, and posted the video to the WeChat group out of anger, causing netizens to forward it." The police are currently investigating further.

  The school informed that after the incident, the school attached great importance to it. Under the supervision and guidance of the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Team of the Zhenjiang Education Bureau, the Personnel Department and the Audit Office of the Zhenjiang Education Bureau, the Zhenjiang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision conducted investigations and understandings immediately. .

  The Zhenjiang Education Bureau and the school believed that the teacher’s indecent video was of low-level interest, violated public order and customs, violated the teacher’s morality, and seriously damaged the teacher’s image.

  The school’s party committee and principal’s office quickly convened a special meeting, and after research, a preliminary decision was made: Teacher Kang Hua was immediately transferred from the front-line teaching position and ordered to make a deep inspection; after the public security department investigated and qualitatively, it made further processing in accordance with relevant regulations.

  The notice also stated that the Zhenjiang Education Bureau and the school attach great importance to the construction of teacher ethics and style, and adhere to a "zero tolerance" attitude to the violation of teacher ethics and style. Once verified, they will be resolutely dealt with and will not be tolerated. (Finish)