Experience your worldwide breakthrough with an international number 1 hit and shortly afterwards forced to sit at home due to the corona crisis. It happened to Australian singer Tones And I with her single Dance Monkey . In conversation with NU.nl, she says that she experienced the outbreak of COVID-19 as the opposite of her breakthrough.

“When the world went into lockdown, I actually experienced the same as during my breakthrough, but the exact opposite,” said singer Toni Watson. "Before Dance Monkey became a hit, I lived in my car and played on the street and within a short time I suddenly flew all over the world for gigs. Due to corona I am now in the same country for months again."

She does not let these unexpected turns turn her off. "When I decided to become a busker, I gave up everything and moved to another part of Australia. I'm used to big changes now."

The lack of performances is difficult for the singer. Her housemates realized this and therefore provided a surprise. "They had my instruments and candles ready in my room so that I could give a small performance. Then you notice how much you miss the performance."

"We have been in a lockdown in Australia for six weeks now and a lot of people can't work. I've been home for six months now and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately I can keep writing, but I became a singer for to perform."

'Everyone wanted to show how successful he is, very uncomfortable'

The corona crisis has not stopped Tones And I from making new music. Recently her single Ur So F ** kInG cOoL was released , which she wrote after a party for the music industry where she was not exactly comfortable.

“I decided to take an Uber home after an hour and watch Netflix. It's not that people weren't nice, but everything was superficial. , she outlines the situation.

She feels no pressure to match the success of the song Dance Monkey , which was in first place in the Netherlands for fifteen weeks, with new singles. "It would make me unhappy if I just write music to score hits. I don't even like being in the spotlight like that, so the idea of ​​another big hit makes me nervous."


Tones And I - Ur So F ** kInG cOoL

'Never thought that Dance Monkey would be a streaming hit'

Still, she is grateful for the doors that Dance Monkey opened for her. "I am happy to be the person who broke the records rather than the person who is chasing it."

The success of the record came as a big surprise to Tones And I as it was to the rest of the world. "I played in a hostel every Tuesday night and the song was a hit again and again. I thought it was just great live, but never thought it would work in terms of streaming."

The singer is now working on her debut album, which should have been released this month. The corona crisis has given her more time to write. So she decided to draw on a larger source of songs when choosing her debut album.

She is not afraid of the hype fading away. "I am certainly not treated like a one-hit on Australian radio. All my singles are appreciated and I am seen as an artist with a future. I am grateful for that."


Tones And I - Dance Monkey