, Harbin, August 12 (Reporter Wang Lin) On the 12th, the giant panda Scarlett in the Yabuli Panda House in Harbin celebrated its 14th birthday. The breeder used bamboo shoots, fruits and vegetables, ice cubes, wotou and other ingredients to make it. Created a beautiful rainbow cake with a cup of "national treasure exclusive" Mojito with a straw inserted.

The giant panda brought his own age wotou on the rainbow cake. Photo courtesy of Yabuli Panda House

  The giant pandas Youyou and Sijia who "drove" to northern China from Sichuan are both descendants of "Panda Panpan". They can be described as "famous backgrounds and outstanding resumes." Among them, Scarlett once "lived" in Yunnan due to the Wenchuan earthquake, and attracted many fans around the world as a "beautiful panda". After "living in" Harbin, he became an Internet celebrity panda because of his "Snowy Sahuan".

The giant panda tastes the fruits and vegetables on the rainbow cake. Photo courtesy of Yabuli Panda House

  The 12th was Scarlett’s 5th birthday in the Yabuli Panda House. The breeder made a gorgeous "Rainbow Cake" for it with bamboo shoots, fruits, ice cubes and wotou. He also selected the song "Mojito" to bring fire to it. For the Internet celebrity drink, a non-alcoholic, nutritious and healthy "national treasure exclusive" Mojito has been carefully produced.

The giant panda tastes special Mojito. Photo courtesy of Yabuli Panda House

"National Treasure Exclusive" Mojito. Photo courtesy of Yabuli Panda House

  The breeder filled the giant goblet with red roses. Scarlett walked around the cup several times, showing great affection for the rose, and then picked up the nest with its age written on it and chewed it slowly. On that day, the birthday party welcomed many cat fans, spending unforgettable moments with the giant panda Scarlett. Yabuli Panda Pavilion also prepared four-layer cakes and cupcakes to share the joy with the visitors. (Finish)