On August 10, a routine inspection of cold chain foods and employees in the Jinghu District of Wuhu City found that an Ecuadorian frozen shrimp package sample imported by a restaurant had a suspected positive result of the new coronavirus nucleic acid test.

  On August 11, the Wuhu Center for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed the sample and the result was positive. After verification, the products involved in the epidemic were stored in the store's freezer after purchase.

  The Wuhu Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters immediately sealed up all products involved in the epidemic in the city. Nucleic acid tests were performed on the personnel, food, environment, and the traceable batch of product enterprise personnel and family members, and the personnel, food, and environment of the wholesale enterprise flowing to other catering stores were tested with negative results. The storage environment, in-store environment and staff dormitories of the restaurant were all eliminated. Concentrated medical observation and health management have been conducted on close contacts of positive samples.

  Here, we solemnly remind the general public to be cautious in buying imported cold chain seafood products in the near future to reduce the risk of contracting the new crown virus. At the same time, pay attention to personal protection, wear masks when going in and out of public places, minimize gatherings, and do not believe or spread rumors. (CCTV reporter Wu Jun)