China News Service, Fuzhou, August 11 (Reporter Long Min) After landing in Zhangpu, Fujian at 7:30 on August 11, the No. 6 typhoon "Mikra" weakened into a tropical depression at 14:00, and the Central Meteorological Observatory responded at 17:00. It stops numbering. Therefore, the Fujian Meteorological Bureau lifted the typhoon warning at 16:45; the Fujian Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters terminated its emergency response to typhoon prevention at 18:00 on the 11th, and initiated a torrential rain-prevention level IV emergency response.

  In just 46 hours, Typhoon Mikra completed the "triple jump" from tropical depression to typhoon level, and quickly decayed to a stop number after landing.

  Typhoon "Mikra" is the first typhoon to land in Fujian this year. It brought strong storms and rain to Zhangzhou, Xiamen and other areas, and severely affected people's lives and traffic in a short period of time.

  In some areas, trees were blown down, houses collapsed, people in scenic spots were trapped, and road traffic was difficult. According to the Zhangzhou City Fire Rescue Detachment, a total of 16 incidents involving typhoon rescue have been received since 0:00 on the 11th. The main incidents were damage to houses and simple structures, which caused people to be trapped.

  The State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. reported that some power supply facilities in Fujian were damaged and 783,381 users were affected. At present, emergency repairs are being carried out in an orderly manner. As of 12:00 on the 11th, 202,332 customers whose power outages were affected by the typhoon have resumed their electricity use.

  At present, the normal life and production order in Fujian is gradually recovering. Xiamen officials disclosed that the ferry, BRT, etc. have resumed operations, Xiamen Garden Expo Park will resume normal opening on August 12, and various scenic spots in Gulangyu Island will officially resume opening on August 13.

  China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has reported that it has resumed the passenger trains G1663/2 in Longyan, D3147/6 in Ganzhou, D2353 in Nanping, and D3337 and D2303 in Fuzhou.

  Although the wind has significantly weakened, heavy rains are still frequent in Fujian. According to the forecast of the Fujian Meteorological Observatory, from the evening to the night of the 11th, there will be heavy rain to heavy rain in parts of the six cities of Quanzhou, Putian, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Sanming, and Longyan. The cumulative rainfall is 40-60 mm, and some parts can reach 70 mm. Heavy rain to heavy rain.

  Experts reminded that we should continue to do a good job in preventing rainstorms, and beware of secondary disasters such as urban and rural waterlogging, mountain floods, and mudslides. (Finish)