La Croisette after the crowd movement, in Cannes on August 10, 2020. - Jacques BENAROCH / SIPA

Did you miss the news from the start of the morning? We have concocted a recap to help you see more clearly.

Panic in Cannes due to a "false rumor", no shot fired

False alarm in Cannes. Panic spread to the city center of the city of festivals on Monday evening with a large crowd movement which saw people take refuge where they could, especially in casinos. Reached by 20 Minutes , the police station indicates that according to the first elements, "there was no shot" as some claimed online.

Police disperse further protests in Belarus, one dead

Faced with the anger that does not fall in Belarus, President Lukashenko, reelected on Sunday with officially nearly 80% of the vote, is inflexible. A protester died Monday evening during protests against the results of the poll, dispersed by the police for the second consecutive evening. He was killed by the explosive device he was about to throw at the police, and which exploded in his hands, according to the police. During the night, barricades were erected in central streets of Minsk, marking an escalation of tensions, and several explosions were heard.

An armed person neutralized in front of the White House

While taking stock of the coronavirus, Donald Trump was interrupted in the middle of his press conference by one of his bodyguards on Monday. On his return, he indicated that the Secret Service had shot an armed person "outside" the White House. According to security officials, the incident took place at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave and 17th Street, outside the perimeter of the White House. According to the ABC channel, the suspect opened fire before being seriously injured by a Secret Service agent who retaliated.


The image of a brutalized protester in Belarus hijacked on social networks


Pierre Viot, former president of the Cannes Film Festival, is dead

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