Nicolette Kluijver still gets along well with her ex Joost Staudt. Last February, the couple announced that they would end their eight-year marriage. Their children, however, notice little of the changed situation, says the 35-year-old presenter in an interview with Vrouw .

"It's actually been very quiet from the moment we released that news," says Kluijver.

"Little has changed. The children don't notice much either, because we are still good with each other. The children also continue to live in the farm. Joost and I take turns and then temporarily live at a different location in the neighborhood."

The presenter emphasizes that they still form a family, which she describes as a " modern family ". "We even went on vacation as a family."

'We just lost each other'

Kluijver thinks that her illness - she contracted lung cancer in 2017 - played a major role in the fracture. "I think it was difficult to find each other after such a bumpy road. In such a tough situation you can either hold each other very tightly or you lose each other. The latter has happened, we just lost each other."

She says she has become a "different Nicolette". "He once fell in love with a different woman than I am now. I am no longer carefree, carry a large backpack, that's the difference. I am different, very searching and that is what does not work between us now."

At the same time, Kluijver says that she still deals so well with Staudt that she wonders what is missing. "No, I am not implying that it can be okay again, I don't know. What I do know is that I want to become more complete myself."

Kluijver and Staudt have three children together: Isabella of seven and twins Ana-Sofie and Jesse of five.