, August 11th. According to the website of the National Immigration Bureau, in order to implement the requirements of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism on the coordination of normalized epidemic prevention and control and the gradual restoration of normal exchanges between mainland and Macao personnel, the entry and exit management of public security agencies The department will resume processing visas for mainland residents to travel to Macau (including group travel and individual travel endorsements) by region and step by step.

  Starting from August 12, the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, the public security organ of Guangdong Province, resumed the application of travel endorsements for residents of Zhuhai City (including holders of residence permits) to travel to Macau; if there are no special circumstances, the public security organs of Guangdong Province will issue visas from August 26. Immigration authorities resumed processing visas for residents of Guangdong Province to travel to Macau. Under the premise that the epidemic situation in the Mainland and Macau continues to improve, the immigration authorities of the public security organs across the country resumed visas for Mainland residents to travel to Macau on September 23.

  In order to cope with the epidemic prevention and control work, applications for entry and exit certificates and endorsements to Macau for people living in epidemic-prone or high-risk areas and those with a history of residence in epidemic-prone or high-risk areas within 14 days prior to the application will not be accepted.

  In order to do an orderly work on the visa application for travel to Macau, applicants are requested to submit an application to the immigration service window of the public security organ through online appointment, pay close attention to the epidemic situation in Macau and relevant announcements of the National Immigration Administration, and arrange travel plans reasonably.