Driver of a Nagoya municipal bus arrested for suspected use of stimulants Driving on the morning of the 11th August 19:57 on August 11th

A 49-year-old driver on a Nagoya Municipal Bus was arrested by the police for using stimulants. The police were investigating the usage of stimulants as they were driving the bus with passengers on the morning of the 11th.

The driver, Mr. Shinji Baba (49), who is a driver of a Nagoya municipal bus and lives in Moriyama Ward, Nagoya, was arrested.

According to the police, it is suspected that the stimulant drug control law was violated due to the use of a small amount of stimulant between 2nd and 11th of this month.

Mr. Baba is an employee of a private bus company, who worked at a Nagoya municipal bus business office entrusted by the company and was driving passengers from early morning on the 11th.

Suspect Baba emerged from the cell phone of an Iranian man arrested for suspected violation of the Stimulants Control Law by police, and when he finished his flight on the morning of the 11th, he asked for a voluntary companion and examined the urine. It has come out.

He has admitted to the investigation that there is no doubt.

In addition, the police also said that Takahide Hoshiai (39), a case worker for welfare protection who was the chief of the Civil and Child Division of the Chikusa Ward Office in Nagoya City, who emerged in the same investigation, used a small amount of stimulant. I was arrested on suspicion of violating the law.

He has admitted to the investigation that there is no doubt.

The police are investigating how stimulants were obtained and how they were used.