A few days ago, the Beihu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Chenzhou City, Hunan Province successfully smashed a violent pyramid scheme and arrested 40 criminal suspects. In late July, the North Lake police received reports from the masses that someone in a certain community had organized a pyramid scheme, and immediately organized the criminal investigation team, intelligence center, network security team, and local police station to investigate. After more than 10 days of follow-up investigation, the police found that the MLM organization had as many as eight dens. In order to wipe out the MLM organization, the police dispatched more than 110 police officers to arrest the eight MLM dens on the day it was closed. After interrogation, 25 criminal suspects of the gang were detained on suspicion of illegal detention and 15 suspects were administratively detained. Another 18 victims were rescued.

  Correspondent Song Shunxiang Guo Siyuan

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]