A series of monkey sightings in Kagoshima City At the end of July, it was already nearly seven times the previous year's level.


Since April this year, sightings of wild monkeys have been gathered one after another in Kagoshima City, and as of the end of last month, it was already nearly 7 times as much as last year. The city is calling for attention, as it is bitten and bitten.

In the footage shot by Kagoshima City, a monkey suddenly emerges from the grass on the side of the road, confirms that the car is passing by, and then runs a short run to the other side.

According to the city, there were 158 monkey sightings in the four months from April to the end of last month. Last year, there were 23 cases per year, which is almost 7 times higher. In particular, there were 66 cases in June and 62 cases in July, and sightings have continued even this month.

Monkeys appeared not only in the suburbs, but in a residential area about 2 km away from Kagoshima Chuo Station, 3 people were damaged in the house and in a parking lot on the 3rd of this month.

A calf woman said, "When I tried to get out of the car, monkeys came in interchangeably. I didn't think I was in such a place, and I panicked."

Takayuki Asai, representative of the South Kyushu Wildlife Conservation and Management Center, who is familiar with the ecology of wild monkeys said, ``When I surveyed the mountains in the spring, the fruits of the trees eaten by the monkeys were poor, so it is possible that they are coming out looking for food. There is "."

Yasunobu Somekawa, Director of the Production and Distribution Division of Kagoshima City, said that it is important not to give eye contact and to stimulate the monkeys when they encounter them. “I think there are many opportunities to visit graves at Obon. , I want you to bring back an offering that will feed the monkeys."