Produced by iQiyi, co-produced by Perfect CCB and Perfect World Film and Television, Li Liying is the chief producer, Guo Jingyu is the chief screenwriter, Bai Shan is the chief director, Liu Fang is the director, Zhao Wenzhuo leads the star, Mao Linlin, Shi Xiaolong, Wang Zhi A Chinese martial arts drama "Horse Fearless" starring in is currently being screened on iQiyi. With the bloody plot of Fearless's Revenge on Snowy Night and Chen Zhen played by Shi Xiaolong, the audience has reached a level of discussion about the play. An unprecedented height, netizens said: “Chen Zhen’s kicking club Jingwumen is really handsome here!”

Jingwumen was founded with twists and turns, Zhao Wenzhuo used his strength to demonstrate the spirit of martial arts

  According to the drama’s hits, Huo Yuanjia (played by Zhao Wenzhuo) has moved to Shanghai with his family and founded Jingwumen, but he doesn’t want to cause a bloody storm in Shanghai’s martial arts with a tampered newspaper statement. Various martial arts masters fought against Huo Yuanjia in front of Jingwumen. Zhao Wenzhuo resorted to various tricks, taking turns with fist and foot weapons, and finally had a chance to resolve the misunderstanding with one enemy and three queens. This fight also shows Zhao Wenzhuo's real martial arts skills, and every martial arts master can use new tricks against each other, making people hooked!

  A wave of just flattening and another wave, Chen Zhen (played by Shi Xiaolong) kicked the gate of Jingwu to make the newly opened Jingwumen more uneasy, but Huo Yuanjia posted a war-free notice, following his original intention of starting the martial arts—— "Strengthening the physique of the Chinese people, except the fallacy of the sick man in East Asia", Anxin led the students to practice martial arts in the museum. It also allows the audience to have a deeper understanding of the martial arts spirit of the great master Huo Yuanjia.

Chen Zhen kicked the gate of Jingwumen but cited the martial arts chaos and Huo Yuanjia family to express their views on the struggle

  From the latest trailer, it can be found that the master and apprentice Chen Zhen who originally came to Huo Yuanjia to fight against each other in the ring with three other martial arts schools in Shanghai, and then Huo Yuanjia’s wife Wang Yunying also told her husband that she is about the current martial arts. The view of the struggle between various schools in China, "Today's martial arts people should no longer fight for the level of martial arts, no matter how high the martial arts is, it is difficult to compete with foreign guns and cannons. of."

  As a Chinese martial arts drama, "Heroes Fearless" is always showing the audience the passionate play scenes, and it also conveys the pride and spirit of the martial arts heroes to all at any time. The purpose of learning martial arts is to compete and win. Still in order to keep fit and become the pride of the country, "Heroes Huo Yuanjia" gave the audience the best answer with the spirit of martial arts.

  "Heroes Fearless" is broadcast exclusively on iQiyi. The martial arts spirit and hearty and exciting fights of a great master can be seen here. Let's come to iQiyi to follow the drama at 7:30 in the evening!