【Explanation】Recently, the classic Chinese dance drama "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" and "Dream of Dunhuang" "collision" on the same stage along the Yellow River in Lanzhou, Gansu, opened a "dialogue" across time and space, using online and offline multimedia methods Share the artistic charm of Silk Road culture with home and abroad.

  "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" is based on the mural art of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, and draws on the strengths of the Silk Road multi-ethnic singing and dancing. Since its premiere in 1979, the play has been continuously upgraded for 40 years, and it is often performed and updated.

  "Dream of Dunhuang" takes ancient Dunhuang as its background, tells the touching love story of the young painter Mo Gao and the girl Crescent. It is known as the "Chinese version of "Romeo and Juliet".

  That night, three costumed "Ying Niang" in "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" and five pairs of "Mogao and Crescent" in "Dream of Dunhuang" walked onto the stage, communicated face to face with the audience, and shared their dance careers. The bitterness, joy and harvest, as well as the polishing, innovation and inheritance of classic dance dramas.

  [Concurrent] Xue Ya, the actor of "Dream of Dunhuang" Crescent Moon

  After all, the Silk Road culture is the characteristic culture of our Gansu. This is the first time that it has been on stage with "Flower Rain on the Silk Road". So the feeling is relatively novel. Everyone feels relatively novel. We just feel very good. We can promote our Gansu together with them. culture.

  [Commentary] Zuo Li, a national first-level actor and full-time vice chairman of the Gansu Dancers Association, introduced to reporters that the organizer’s "initial intention" is to let the audience walk into classic dance dramas, understand the behind-the-scenes stories, and introduce these outstanding young actors to the public. To promote the Silk Road culture, Dunhuang culture, and explore the reform and development of Gansu dance to contribute artistic strength.

  [Concurrent] Zuo Li, a national first-level actor and full-time vice chairman of Gansu Dancers Association

  My main purpose is to recommend these heroines and a few pairs of Crescent Moon Mogao. As my original intention to make this drama, it is to introduce these two dance dramas and these young talents. Don't let these talents lose and leave us. Gansu. After watching their performance, I feel as if I am young, as if I want to perform on stage again, so this mood has not been calm for a long time. To be honest, this dance has a special feeling for them, and in fact it has benefited me a lot. Without them, I would not be where I am today.

  [Commentary] It is understood that during the performance, the dancers reproduced the classic segments "The Golden Light and Thousand Buddhas" and "Rebound Pipa" from "Flower Rain on the Silk Road", as well as the duet dances in the national and ballet version of "Dream of Dunhuang". The actors also walked off the stage to interact with the people who were enjoying the "night cruise" on the Yellow River, and they showed the highlights of the dance drama.

  Reporter Li Yalong Ding Si reports from Lanzhou, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]