Suspicion of possessing scissors on the Shinkansen arrested SDF officers trapped in the toilet 10:19 on August 10

On the afternoon of the 9th, a man of the Self-Defense Forces officer of the Ground Self-Defense Force was arrested on the suspicion of violating the gun sword law, saying that he had scissors in the car of the Tohoku Shinkansen for no good reason. The man kept himself in the Shinkansen toilet, which delayed the Shinkansen by up to 45 minutes.

The person arrested was Kazutaka Tezuka (32), a self-defense officer from the Ground Self-Defense Force Aomori Garrison, who lives in Aomori City.

According to a police investigation, Tezuka suspected that before 1 pm on the 9th, on the Tohoku Shinkansen bound for Tokyo from Morioka, Yamabiko No. 52, one scissor with a blade length of about 9 centimeters for no good reason. I have the suspicion I had.

Tezuka was on the Shinkansen with his boss, a self-defense officer, but he was trapped in a toilet on the way to Omiya Station in Saitama Prefecture.

While I was stopped at Omiya station, I was arrested by a rushed police officer and JR station staff. No other passengers or crew were injured.

In response to the investigation, Tezuka allegedly stated that "I had scissors for self-defense", so the police are investigating the detailed situation.

According to JR East, due to this effect, Yamabiko 52 was delayed by up to 45 minutes.