[Explanation] Since August, more than 50 acres of nine-pin perfume lotus planted in Xiatao Village, Shibeiping Town, Liubei District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province has entered a high-yield period. Lotus flowers of various colors such as yellow, blue and purple bloom on the paddy fields. On the huge paddy field, several aunts in their 60s formed a "white-haired gold panning group" to pan for gold in Tanaka.

  [Explanation] The summer is hot in the south. At 6 o'clock in the morning, Wang Qingying and two workers took advantage of the coolness to go to the field to fertilize, remove moss, and collect snails. Starting at 9 o'clock, the three of them went hand in hand and started picking the nine-pin perfume lotus. They carefully checked the flowers during the picking process, and threw the old flowers aside to ensure the quality. Every half an hour, a basket of fragranced flowers would be carried out of the field and loaded on a float to the baking room. At about 12 o'clock, the flowers in the field were picked, and the aunts moved to the roasting room and began to trim the flowers. The daily output here can be as high as 2,000. Based on the average price of 4 yuan per flower, the daily output value here can reach 8,000 yuan.

  [Concurrent] Wang Qingying, a farmer from Xiatao Village, Shibeiping Town, Liubei District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi

  Every month I have a few 2,000 yuan (income), and I have a maximum of 2,900 yuan. My life has improved, my food and clothing have improved, and I can travel anywhere. I have money (want to go) to travel.

  [Explanation] Jiupin perfume lotus is a unique variety in Taiwan. The sweet lotus tea made from flowers is very popular in the market. In 2014, after learning about the variety at a classmate gathering, Tan Xiangxian found that the market demand was great, and the cost of buying seedlings per mu only cost 40,000 yuan. The higher threshold made the variety not easy to be saturated in the market, so he hid his family’s investment. Nearly 500,000 yuan, more than ten acres of seedlings and technology were introduced from Taiwanese merchants, and the output value per acre reached 17,000 yuan in the first year, and then it was decided to expand the planting.

  [Explanation] The high cost of seedlings, plus the loss in the process of planting, if there is no seedling cultivation technology, no matter how large the area is passive water. As a rural woman, Tan Xiangxian consulted information through the Internet and books, nibbling on a lot of professional knowledge, and gradually became an expert on the nine-pin Xianglian, and successfully cultivated seedlings.

  [Concurrent] Qin Xiangxian, a grower of Guangxi Jiupin perfume lotus

  At the beginning, the seedlings were not cultivated, and the development was not so fast in the first two years of planting. Because they did not cultivate, we will cultivate the seedlings by 2017. We will develop faster. Later, the government also supported part of it. Buy us seedlings, 2000 seedlings, it seems to be more than 500,000.

  [Explanation] In the process of expanding planting, Tan Xiangxian rented land from farmers to pay rent, and during the lotus picking season from May to December each year, surplus laborers such as rural women and poor households were hired to work as a local poverty alleviation industry. At the same time, Tan Xiangxian continued to improve technology in cultivation, planting and drying, and the products were approved by the purchaser and sold back to the original place of Taiwan.

  [Concurrent] Qin Xiangxian, a grower of Guangxi Jiupin perfume lotus

  In April (this year), the boss started telling me that he wanted 5000 lotus tea. I asked him where you sold our lotus tea. He smiled and told me that your scented tea seedlings were imported from Taiwan. , I now sell your scented tea to Taiwan again. He said that your scented tea is made with very good baking technology and good craftsmanship in making scented tea. I sold it back to Taiwan and he told me like this.

  Wang Yizhao reports from Liuzhou, Guangxi

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]