Wuhan Evening News: "The main content of the struggle (of the May Fourth Movement) is the burning of Cao’s house, military and police suppression; students’ strikes, various localities respond..." On the morning of August 9th, a young student from Wuhan insisted on morning reading while traveling in Shennongjia. 'S small video blasted WeChat Moments.

  The reporter learned that the young lady in the video is called Lai Meichen, a student in Class 3 of WISCO No. 3 Middle School. Lai Meichen told reporters that on August 8, she traveled to Shennongjia with her parents and relatives and planned to spend 4 days to relax. Early in the morning on the 9th, the "biological clock" "woke her up" at 6:30. When she came to the hotel's landscape platform for a walk, she found that the scenery here is pleasant and the air is fresh, which is suitable for reading.

  Without the textbook with him, Lai Meichen pulled out the knowledge points about the new democratic revolution that the history teacher had previously posted in the group in the mobile phone, and read aloud. Mom sent a small video of her daughter’s morning reading to Moments. The head teacher saw it and forwarded it to the class group. It immediately sparked a heated discussion among the classmates and parents: “I don’t forget to read when I travel.

  Lai Meichen said that for the new college entrance examination, she chose a combination of politics, history and geography because she is interested in liberal arts majors such as journalism, philosophy, social sciences, and law. The study of political history and geography requires a lot of memorization and recitation, and her history subjects are relatively weak, and her understanding of the subject is always biased, so she uses her morning reading time to memorize and understand.

  Lai Meichen's eyes are highly myopic due to congenital reasons, and she needs to use an electronic magnifying glass during class. The seats in the class are changed by turns, but Lai Meichen always sits in the middle of the first row, because every student who rotates to this seat will take the initiative to swap his seat with Lai Meichen. The collective care of the class allowed Lai Meichen to adjust from the unsuitable state when she entered the class, and her results have now entered the forefront.

  Lai Meichen’s mother is a nurse at the Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital. During the epidemic prevention and control this year, she was transferred to an isolation ward, worried about bringing the virus to her daughter who was taking online lessons at home. During that time, she lived alone in a relative’s vacant house. . Lai Meichen said that her mother taught her responsibility and responsibility with practical actions. She wants to work harder and use what she has learned to serve the society in the future and learn from her mother.

  Guo Lixia Liu Jianghua