At 7:57 on August 9, Shenzhen Airlines ZH9209 issued an emergency code 7700. The airliner planned to fly from Shenzhen to Xi'an. About 25 minutes after takeoff, it experienced a sharp drop in altitude. It dropped from 9297 meters to 3733 meters within 2 minutes. Then the flight began to return, and the transponder code was also changed from 7700 to a normal code, indicating that the emergency situation of the aircraft has been controlled and the crew can control the aircraft to land normally.

  Shenzhen Airlines responded that the pressurization instruction of the passenger plane was abnormal when the aircraft was at an altitude of 9 kilometers. The flight landed safely at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport at 9:13 this morning. The crew and passengers disembarked safely.

Editor in charge: [Zhou Zhaojun]