[Traffic information] Some traffic jams on expressways such as Kanto August 10 11:47

During the Obon holiday, there are some traffic jams on the expressway, especially in the Kanto region, while the number of Shinkansen and airplane users is still low.


According to the Japan Road Traffic Information Center, the congestion of expressways in various places is as of 11:00 am:
▽Chuo Expressway descent is 17 km, heading near the Hino bus stop in Tokyo,
▽Tomei Expressway descent is in Kanagawa prefecture. 16 km from the Yamato tunnel near the top,
▽Kanetsu Expressway descends 13 km from the Saitama prefecture's Kosaka service area at the top 13 km,
▽Meishin Expressway rises from the Kyoto Higashi interchange area to the top 6 km,
etc. I will.

Bullet train

According to JR companies, the occupancy rate of free seats on the Shinkansen by 10 am is less than 30% on both inbound and outbound routes, and there is no noticeable congestion.

Empty flight

According to the summary of 11 major airlines in Japan, the number of domestic flight passengers during the Obon period has dropped significantly to about 40% of last year's, and every year at Haneda Airport, which is crowded with many people, it was noticeable for 10 days. There is no congestion.