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The scenario of these videos hardly varies from one video to another: a child is invited by an adult close to him to come and say hi to his new teacher who calls via FaceTime. The kid arrives, generally playful and curiosity piqued. He discovers the screen and displays, depending on the reactions, a disconcerted, frightened or panicked face. The image was not that of his future teacher, but that of a disfigured person, a grimacing face or a mugshot (the portraits taken by the American police of each individual arrested).

Here is a summary of one of the most popular trends of recent days on TikTok. These short videos, collected under the hashtags #facetimeprank #teacherprank, #meetyourteacher or #meetyourteacherchallenge (respectively "the FaceTime hoax", "the teacher's hoax", "come see your teacher" and "the challenge come see your teacher"), accumulate millions of views and are then relayed on other social networks, including Twitter.

Please help spread the word! @tiktok_us #facetimeprank

- Lizzie Velasquez (@littlelizziev) August 9, 2020

"We are human beings and we have feelings"

"This is not acceptable, we must stop," said Lizzie Velasquez, in a video posted on TikTok Sunday. This 31-year-old American, suffering from a rare disease that prevents her from storing fat - her weight does not exceed 30 kg - and gives her skin a wrinkled appearance. She saw one of her portraits used in one of these hoaxes and therefore reacted.

"If you are an adult and have a child around you, please don't teach him that it is okay to be afraid of someone who is not like him," he pleads. -she. Everything children need to know about empathy and caring for others they should start learning at home. "We are human beings and we have feelings," concludes Lizzie Velasquez, who has made the fight against online harassment one of her main focuses.

Victim of mockery, bullying and cyberstalking because of her physique, especially in her teenage years, the 30-something has been involved for several years in raising public awareness of these issues and has been working as a pedagogic. She has published several books. The only one translated into French, is titled I chose benevolence and was published by Denoël two years ago.

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