Swiss pharmaceutical company: We are preparing to make millions from selling the Corona vaccine

Raghuram Silvarago, president of the Swiss pharmaceutical company, "Relief Therapeutics", announced that the company is preparing to make hundreds of millions of dollars if its drug called "Aviptadil" gets the green light from the regulatory authorities as a treatment for Covid-19 disease caused by the emerging corona virus.
He added, "Even with a vaccine, it will take some time to vaccinate people around the world," according to what was reported by Bloomberg News on Saturday.
He continued: "Therefore, our medicine has the potential for use over a period of four to six years for seriously ill patients, and this could generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually during that period."
It is noteworthy that the company's shares jumped by more than 1600% this week, when it announced that the US Food and Drug Administration had allowed it to test the drug "Aviptadil", which is used by inhalation, for patients with moderate to severe symptoms of Covid-19 disease, in order to prevent the occurrence of Respiratory failure.
 "I can say that we have a 60-70% chance of approving this drug now," Silvarago said.

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