Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day Early morning mass at Urakami Catholic Church August 9 10:37 praying to victims

At the Urakami Cathedral, a Catholic church in Nagasaki that was destroyed by the atomic bomb and rebuilt after the war, a mass was held early in the morning and prayed to the victims of the atomic bomb.

About 500 meters northeast of the hypocenter, the Urakami Cathedral is destroyed by the blast of the atomic bomb and the subsequent fire, leaving some walls behind and about 8,500 of the 12,000 Catholics living in the surrounding area. Are said to have been sacrificed.

On the 9th of 1975 after the bombing, a mass rehabilitation was held at 6:00 am in the cathedral rebuilt in 1959, and about 250 people attended as usual.

At the Mass, Father Daichi Miyahara said, “I will remind those who have died at the expense of their sacrifices and sincerely hope for eternal rest. To prevent the tragedy of Nagasaki from repeating in the world, the world of 75 years, I want to renew my commitment to further solidarity with."

Those who attended listened to the Father's words and prayed to the victims of the atomic bomb.

A 72-year-old man from Nagasaki City said his mother had been bombed, saying, "I prayed for the victims to sleep peacefully in heaven. I just want to eliminate nuclear weapons."