Brothers of high school and elementary school children playing in the river drowned and killed Shimane Hamada August 10 1:47

On the afternoon of the 9th, a high school brother and a elementary school brother who were playing in the river in Hamada city, Shimane prefecture drowned and were taken to a hospital but died.

After 4:20 pm on the 9th, my mother reported that two brothers were drowning in the Misumi River in Misumi Town, Hamada City.

According to police, the two were a 15-year-old high school brother and an 11-year-old elementary school brother who lived in Hamada City and were found to be sinking at a riverbed about 40 meters downstream and about 5 meters deep from the place where they were playing. , Was transferred to a hospital, but all were confirmed dead.

It means that they were coming to the river to play with their family and relatives. Police are investigating the situation at the time.