A police officer fires at a man attacked by a knife A man has a big injury on his belly August 10 1:40

On the night of the 9th, a 41-year-old man attacked two police officers with a knife in a municipal housing in Fukuoka City, when a police officer fired a pistol and a bullet hit his stomach, causing serious injury. The police are looking into the detailed situation.

At 6:30 pm on the 9th, a relative of a 41-year-old man who lived in a municipal house in Yakatahara, Minami-ku, Fukuoka, informed the police, "I'm crazy about the man, so I want you to confirm my safety."

Two police officers who were contacted and worked at a nearby police box visited the man's home at 8 pm and tried to hear it, but the man suddenly pointed a knife like a kitchen knife to them and attacked them. It has come. At this time, one police officer shot two pistols, and the bullet hit the man's belly, and the man was seriously injured.

The man was arrested there on suspicion of attempted murder and obstruction of public affairs, but was subsequently released and treated at a hospital. The police have decided to investigate the detailed situation by waiting for the recovery of the man's injury and listening to him.

Regarding the shooting of the pistol, the South Police Station in Fukuoka City said, "We will investigate the legitimacy of the shooting."