​Suddenly! A passenger plane of Shenzhen Airlines plummeted by nearly 6000 meters and has returned safely

  At 7:57 on August 9, Shenzhen Airlines ZH9209 issued an emergency code of 7700 and then returned. Prior to this, the airliner had experienced a sharp drop in altitude within two minutes, from 9297 meters to 3733 meters. It is understood that the flight plans to fly from Shenzhen to Xi'an. About 25 minutes after taking off from Shenzhen Bao’an Airport at 7:32 on August 9, there was a sudden drop in altitude. Then the flight began to return, and the transponder code was also changed from 7700 to a normal code, indicating that the emergency situation of the aircraft has been controlled and the crew can control the aircraft to land normally.

  The CCTV reporter contacted Shenzhen Airlines and learned that the flight had safely returned to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport at 9:13 this morning. On the way back, the crew controlled the aircraft normally. After landing, neither crew nor passengers were injured. Shenzhen Airlines will follow up Other flights will be arranged to transport passengers. The cause of the accident is still under further investigation.

  It is understood that 7700 is the code for the passenger plane transponder, which will be sent to the outside when the passenger is in an emergency situation for special treatment by air traffic control personnel. The Shenzhen Airlines ZH9209 passenger aircraft is an Airbus A330 passenger aircraft, which is 2.3 years old. (Wei Xing, headquarter CCTV reporter)